INCUBATE | a creative residency-retreat

  • Have you ever just wanted to escape into the woods and write, uninterrupted?

  • Are you a creative with a big idea or a story to tell?

  • Do you want to make a career out of your craft?

  • Do you need some professional direction and guidance to get there?

  • Are you ready for a transformative experience that will help you grow and evolve your craft?

INCUBATE is an opportunity for writers + all types of creative artists to hone their craft.



WHERE | tranquility gardens



Friday, July 5th

  • Opening presentation

  • Tranquility Gardens tour

  • “A Mindful Framework” (setting intentions and structuring your goals for your project) exercise

  • “Meet your character” exercise in the labyrinth

  • Lunch (catered in the cabin)

  • “Plot Your Story” exercise

  • Guided creative writing session

  • “Find Your Garden” (honoring and thanking the principles through which your project is guided) exercise

  •  Group dinner at Harrigan’s (included in retreat package)


Saturday, July 6th

  • Morning yoga session in the meditation garden (optional)

  • Group check-in and group share

  • “A Walk Through the Gardens” instruction and exercises:

    • “Calling Upon Ganesh” instruction and exercise

    • “Social Justice in Your World” instruction and exercise

    • “Seeking Self” instruction and exercise

    • “Who Do You Feed?” instruction and exercise

    • “Whimsical Writing” instruction and guided creative writing session

  • Lunch (catered in the cabin)

  • 1:1 mentor sessions (a la carte services available in house)

  •  Open mic readings @ Flood City Café (optional)


Sunday, July 7th

  • Morning yoga session in the meditation garden (optional)

  • Closing group meeting

  • Free writing and exploration time

  • Departure


WHAT you’ll accomplish


À LA CARTE services


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