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from content creation through publishing and beyond

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You’re a writer on a mission to get your book finished, published, and out into the world for everyone to read and love! Spend the day with Amanda, working on all of your goals. She’ll help you edit and shape your manuscript before taking you on a deep dive into the publishing world. Before the day ends, you’ll have mapped out your entire book plan! Every successful author needs an experienced book coach as their secret weapon, and booking a day with Amanda will give you all of the tools and resources you need.

Be prepared to receive:

  • A complimentary prep call

  • Full developmental edit of your manuscript

  • Publishing path coaching

  • Goal setting and execution plan

  • Author business brand map

  • Customized resource packet for continued success and platform building

    • PR direction and content, crafted author bio, query templates, and media kit guide

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book coaching

A book coach is an editor with the capabilities and knowledge to lead you all the way through the publishing process and beyond. A full book coaching package is a one-stop shop for authors, helping them craft their passion project through professional editing, design, production, and publication! Take advantage of Amanda’s full breadth of knowledge and experience through:

  • content creation coaching

  • developmental editing

  • copy editing

  • professional interior design

  • professional wrap-around book cover

  • publishing coaching

  • marketing and PR coaching

*Ask me about traditional publishing packages that teach you exactly how to query your book and snag a literary agent!

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AUTHOR business branding

Ready to step it up to the next level? Be assured, working authors do exist! If you’re ready to become a working author, or if you need some help keeping your full-time gig as a writer and author consistent, this program is for you! Building a platform as an a writer and author can seem daunting, but Amanda makes it simple by streamlining the whole process into manageable steps.

Be prepared to receive:

  • A detailed analysis of your brand and author platform

  • Comprehensive plans for elevating and improving your brand

  • Targeted strategies for building your audience and booking jobs!

  • Coaching calls along the way

  • Author business brand map

  • Customized resource packet for continued success and platform building

    • PR direction and content, crafted author bio, query templates, and media kit guide

  • Continued monthly support as you build your empire!


manuscript assessment

Need a fresh, professional perspective or a little advice? Are you wondering if your manuscript is ready to be published? Or maybe your plot is veering off in too many directions, and what are your characters even doing? Having trouble with a narrative device? A thorough manuscript assessment analyzes the plot, structure, POV, character development, style, and efficacy of your book project. Let Amanda help you harness your writing and steer your book in the best direction.


developmental editing + copy editing

A content edit is a developmental edit that examines the structure of your manuscript and informs you of any revisions needed in the way in which your ideas are conveyed, ordered, or presented. Through an in-depth, professional synopsis, this type of comprehensive edit also offers you suggestions on how to improve your manuscript both in concept and delivery. Every content edit also includes a full copy edit.

A copy edit simply corrects all grammatical errors in your manuscript. This includes punctuation errors, spelling, tense, an evaluation of syntax, sentence structure, format, spacing, and style of the piece.


publishing consultation

Do you have questions about how or where to publish your book? Wondering about the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing? Are you looking for someone to simply point you in the right direction? An industry expert, Amanda can answer all of your questions about publishing and leave you with the action steps and resources that will bring you closer to your goals!