The Writers Tarot


Evolve your craft. enhance your creativity.

Release your writer’s block, shape your characters, and build intricate plots through the wisdom and tools contained in this deck. This 78-card deck includes inspiration cards, tool cards, and genre & concept cards, with and instructional guide that teaches you how to lay spreads that create inspired prompts for your work.


create dynamic spreads that all function as writing prompts!

The Writers Tarot comes with an instructional booklet that teaches you how to lay three different spreads:

  • The Character Spread: Use this spread to help you build or flesh out an existing character.

  • The Plot Builder: Use this spread to help you build or flesh out an existing plot.

  • The Prompt Spread: Use this spread to create a quick prompt for inspiration and to stir your creativity. Also a fun and simple spread to use with friends!


revisit your favorite authors, genres, and literary tools

The deck contains three types of cards:

  • Inspiration cards

  • Tool cards

  • Genre or concept cards

The Writers Tarot deck might guide your craft into familiar and beloved worlds, or it might challenge you to create a story using new and exciting techniques.


explore your passion

You can further your reading of each spread by exploring the four different suits of cards and Major Arcana:

The Major Arcana: Each card expresses a different archetype if writers each with their own specific skillset.

Suit of Quills: This suit represents moral grounding and is associate with the Earth. The authors, tools, and genre in this suit embody action, innovation, energy, and invention.

Suit of Prose: Prose writers and the conventions and genres depicted in this suit are akin to the water element, representing emotional narratives that are concerned with intuition and relationships.

Suit of Candles: Of the air element, the Suit of Candles depicts monumental authors and tools, canonical for chronicling history and leaving literary legacies.

Suit of Stones: The suit of passion, this suit is all about finding strength, and calls upon the fire element to tackle challenges, heartache, and conflict.


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